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Toddler Programs

12 months to 3 years

Our program has the resources and tools to help your child achieve their primary developmental milestones such as physical, intellectual, language and social-emotional. Stepping Stones does this best by employing well trained, educated, professional teachers to help guide your child to succeed in life. Our program follows the High Scope Curriculum. This comprehensive approach allows adult-child interactions, large and small groups and a consistent but flexible daily routine. It also supports active learning experience using hands on exploration and following the children’s interest. Toddlers are curious and very busy. Here at Stepping Stones we keep a daily routine in the classroom that helps with many transitions throughout the day. Our typical toddler daily routine consists of meals, worktime, small and large group times, outside play, naptime and bodily care. Including hand washing, diapering or using the bathroom for potty training. We do offer potty training in our older toddler program. This is a very big step at this age, and helps encourage independency and language. We have the facilities connected to the classroom to help guide this process along at the child’s interest and readiness. Toddler development characteristics grow in leaps and bounds between 1 and 3 years old. They are rapidly increasing their curiosity and active nature in areas such as gross motor skills, socializing with others, language, problem solving, independency, emotional development, and moral development.


Image by Jordan Christian

Items Needed

3 Extra Outfits

3 Extra Pairs of Socks

Water Bottle

Family Picture

Seasonal Outdoor Attire



Diaper Cream

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