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Preschool Program

3 years to 4 years

Once children reach the preschool level, there interactions with other children as well as adults become more vocal. Using their words and saying what they need or how they feel becomes much more frequent. At this age, kids take their exploration, curiosity, and play to new heights. They become much more interested in how things work and figuring out how to make things work or create something. They can take multiple sets of materials to carry out one specific plan or multiple plans. They become much more involved and creative in imaginative play. For example, they will take on the role of someone else, like a mom or dad, police officer, doctor. It is important to know that each child develops independently and at their own pace. We use tools such as COR to help build off their current skills and encourage them to work on new skills.

At this level, there are several characteristics that are noticed. These include:

  • Beginning to form letters and numbers

  • Recognition of numbers and letters

  • Fine motor skills developing such as cutting simple shapes using small scissors

  • Being able to count objects up to 10 in one to one correspondence

  • Recognizing five or more colors

  • Being able to dress themselves

  • Going from scribbling to making more recognizable and descriptive drawings that include a body with head, arms, legs in the appropriate place

  • Beginning to understand and express emotions

Image by Phil Hearing

Items Needed

3 Extra Outfits

3 Extra Pairs of Socks

Water Bottle

Family Picture

Seasonal Outdoor Attire



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