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Infant Program

6 weeks to 12 months

The infant program is where our littlest learners are 6 weeks through 12 months of age. A safe and supportive environment is created by the teacher through relationship building with not only the child, but the parents as well.  Experiences with whole body and sensory play are offered daily to encourage infants to reach developmental milestones. Some of the smaller milestones are child holds head up without support, babbling and cooing, holding onto objects and materials for longer than a few seconds, and child reaches for objects. Some major developmental characteristics you will see include, rolling over, sitting up, pulling themselves up on objects and supporting themselves, crawling and walking.

Each infants daily schedule will be personalized to their needs. You as parents will guide us on what you would prefer your infants schedule to look like. Weather permitting, they will go outside twice a day to enjoy everything nature has to offer. 

Image by Fé Ngô

Items Needed

Swaddler/Sleep Sack

3 Extra Outfits

3 Pairs of Socks

Prepared Bottles for the Day


Diaper Cream

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