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2022-2023 School Calendar

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Cooks Corner

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Cinnamon Caramel Apple Energy Balls


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Lasagna Soup


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Black Bean Chicken with Rice (Printed Recipe Available on the Parent Board)


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Kids Gardening

Family Fun

Contact Ice Skating

A contact paper ice skating rink is so easy to make and provides tons of different play opportunities for the kids.

Hallway Laser Maze

A hallway laser maze is easy to set up and will keep kids busy as they jump, crawl, and climb their way back and forth. It’s a perfect activity to work on those gross motor skills.

Ice Painting

Process art is all about letting kids be creative and free. They can explore and imagine to the fullest.

5 Positive Parenting Techniques You Can Use in 2023

It’s the moment parents know all too well: the moment when the energy in your house totally shifts.
All was calm until you handed breakfast to your toddler on the ever-so-controversial blue plate. You know, the one he liked YESTERDAY. Somehow overnight, everything you thought you knew about your child was suddenly wrong –  “I want my sandwich in triangles, not rectangles!” or “I want the green cup, not the red one!” or “I hate those socks!!”

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Image by Aubrey Odom-Mabey

Development and Education


Baby's First Year: How Infants Develop

 Young Toddler 1-2

Developmental Milestones 1-2 Years

Older Toddler 2-3

Social and Emotional Milestones

Preschool 3-5

Developmental Milestones 3-5 Years

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Health & Safety

Stay Safe and Healthy in the Winter

Cold Weather Safety Tips

Nine Tips to Stay Healthy in the Winter

11 Healthy Winter Activities for the Entire Family

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