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Healthy Yogurt Breakfast Bars


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Fall Pumpkin Dip



Chicken Vegetable Muffins



Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken


Kids Gardening

Family Fun

50 Fun Family Fall Activities

Ah, fall. I feel like I just heard everyone give a collective sigh of relief. School is back in session, the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is back on the menu, and temperatures are starting to dip here in the South — even if it’s just slightly. We will take it!

Why are Fine Motor Skills Important

Why do fine motor skills matter so much in the early years and why should we make developing them a priority?

How does fine motor affect learning?

Here are the reasons we encourage babies to explore objects with their little hands and why we should get our toddlers and preschoolers involved in fine motor activities daily.

Take a Nature Safari & Create Nature Rubbings

Process art is all about letting kids be creative and free. They can explore and imagine to the fullest.

A Checklist for Toilet Training Your Child

There are lots of things that might make you wonder if you should start potty training your child. Maybe your childcare provider or daycare has an age limit for diapers. Maybe you're expecting a new baby and want to have the soon-to-be older sibling become a bit more independent. Perhaps you've noticed that your child's friends and family of the same age are already using the bathroom.

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Development and Education


15 Fun and Safe Infant Activities

 Young Toddler 1-2

Onlooker Play: What It Is & Why It's Important for Your Toddler

Older Toddler 2-3

Promoting Positive Development With Cognitive Activities for Toddlers

Preschool 3-5

What is the Zone of Proximal Development

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Health & Safety

Autumn Safety Tips

Playground Safety Tips

Halloween Health & Safety Tips

Top 10 Parenting Tips for Fall